TELLUS TERROR was founded on 2012 in the city of NiterĂ³i, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

EZ Life DV8, their 2014 debut album, received excellent reviews around the globe and led the band to play at festivals alongside big names of the world metal scene, such as Behemoth, Belphegor and Krisiun. The album was produced by Fernando Campos and recorded in Rio de Janeiro, at AM and VISOM studios. Fredrik Norstrom was in charge of the mixing and mastering at Fredman Studio, Sweden, and all the artwork of the album was developed by Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh - Greece).

TELLUS TERROR returns now with a new album entitled DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR.

Recorded at Tellus Studio and produced by Caio Mendonça, the album brings in its essence a Dark, Evil and Vampiric aura, at the same time that it addresses an unusual theme to extreme Metal, in a negative and positive way, which is love, and how it influences our lives in many different ways during our life cycle. Once again, Seth Siro Anton teamed up to recreate this dark vampiric approach throughout the album's artwork.

DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR completely deviates from the lyrical topics normally used on Extreme Metal, and harmoniously mix these two worlds between the delicate and the demonic, conceptually and chronologically, voyaging from the recognition of the sound of our mothers' voices (Our first love) while we are in gestation to the immensurable pain of discovering a huge betrayal at 85 years old, during the burial of that person who wrote the story of your life by your side since your youth, and suddenly you look at your old hands and realize that you no longer have the time to build a new life story in your best times.

DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR will certainly be a new way to approach love and dark themes that are common to many people during the phases of our lives. This album was written thinking about possible personal identifications of the public with it.



EZ Life DV8
01. Stardust
02. Terraformer
03. 3rd Rock From The Sun
04. Bloody Vision
05. Equinox
06. Civil Carnage
07. I.C.U. In Hell (International Chaos United)
08. Brain Technology Pt.1 (This is where it Starts...)
09. Endtime Panorama
10. Error

DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR
01. Amborella's Child
02. Absolute Zero
03. Darkest Rubicon
04. Psyclone Darxide
05. Cry Me A River
06. Shattered Murano Heart
07. Abyssphere
08. Brain Technology Pt.2 (...And Humanity have feelings no more...)
09. Sickroom Bed
10. DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR
11. Lone Sky Universum
12. Empty Nails